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Condition System Rewrite

   Date: Wed, 7 Jun 89 13:13 EDT
   From: David A. Moon <Moon@stony-brook.scrc.symbolics.com>
       Date: Sun, 4 Jun 89 19:47:08 PDT
       From: Richard P. Gabriel <rpg@lucid.com>

       On further reading I see that handler-bind conditions are searched in
       left-to-right order, as is handler-case.  On further reflection, I
       think handler-case should do this, but not handler-bind, especially
       when there is the type-hierarchy-imposed order that is more
       interesting than left-to-right.  handler-BIND isn't especially
       reminiscent of <anything>-CASE.  Presumably implementations can
       CLOSize conditions using multiple inheritance, which makes this

   There seems to be a line missing here.  I still maintain that the order
   for handler bind should be the order that the programmer wrote, and not
   anything derived from type hierarchy.  Do you agree or disagree?

Perhaps they should be searched right-to-left, on the theory that
the *bindings* are processed left to right, and inner handlers
should be tried before outer handlers?