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Re: slides for meeting

    Date: Wed, 21 Jun 89 16:38:53 MDT
    From: sandra%defun@cs.utah.edu (Sandra J Loosemore)

    > The other part of the process is finding a way to get people to
    > actually read the stuff, and finding a way to make sure that
    > different people read different parts so all of it gets read by
    > someone (or several people).  I still don't have any ideas for
    > how to accomplish that.

    How about bribing some poor graduate students to do it?  :-)

    Seriously, I was planning to coerce some other people here at Utah
    into helping out with the review.  I talked about it before with Bob
    Kessler and he said he was willing to give people independent study
    credits for this, which might induce them to work harder on it.

That's a good idea.  Of course, it wouldn't work to have only poor
graduate students reading it.  It's got to be read by people who are
highly knowledgeable about Common Lisp and by people who are serious
Common Lisp users, also.