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re: "signalling" vs "signaling"

[In reply to message sent Wed, 26 Jul 89 17:29 EDT.]

Well, every dictionary I have lists it first, the OED says one L is the
American spelling, the Chicago Manual of Style says to use one L (through
indirection by using its prescription to the use the first spelling of any
word with several listed spellings in any dictionary in a list of
dictionaries, all of which list one L first), every writer I talk to says
to use one L, every article I have read in the last 3 years spells it with
one L, and GNUEmacs wants me to spell it with one L.

This has nothing to do with personal respect - I'm simply trying to
follow contemporary American usage as best as I can discover it.

Note that I also include most punctuation (but not all) within 
right double quotes ``sort of like this,'' which is both illogical
and contrary to British usage but is American usage.

I used to spell ``signalled'' with two L's until I was confronted with
the very facts I'm listing here.