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re: "signalling" vs "signaling"

[In reply to message from Moon@STONY-BROOK.SCRC.Symbolics.COM sent Thu, 27 Jul 89 14:34 EDT.]

Well, grumble. I'm not going to try to guess to whom I might be acting
discourteously for every word I change in this document. All I noticed is
that Kathy routinely changed all instances of ``signaling'' to
``signalling'' whenever I produced a section that said `signaling.'  I
simply informed her I was trying to follow what I believe is both the
current and increasingly adopted usage and asking her not to undo it.

I don't think voting for a proposal is voting for either its wording or,
more absurdly, its spelling. 88-002R was voted in before conditions or
error terminology, so its spelling conventions have priority?????