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As I'm getting deeper into chapter 6, I'm getting more and more
depressed about the state this document is in.  I have found about a
zillion things that I first complained about 6 months ago that have
not yet been addressed.  I have been giving a lot of time to reviewing
and I have been trying to do a thorough job of it, but when my
comments seem to be ending up in the bit-bucket I wonder why I should
bother.  It's a waste of my time to keep complaining about the same
problems and suggesting the same fixes in draft after draft that you
send me to review. 

If the problem is that you guys just haven't had the resources to
incorporate the suggestions you've received, I'll repeat my earlier
offer of helping out with the rewriting.  Starting in two or three weeks
and continuing until the end of the quarter, I am going to have some time
that I could devote to this.  I would certainly feel a lot more
enthusiastic if I knew that fixes for the problems I've been identifying
were actually making it into the document instead of being ignored.