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Committee Membership

Bobrow and Xerox have been consulted, and I think he's willing
and Xerox is happy. Xerox does not want Masinter, nor do they
really want VanMelle.

I'm not sure what the steering committee does, so I don't know
who should be on it.

Moon has to be on the committee, but Weinreb is smoother. Weinreb
on the steering committee is probably good.

I quizzed Rees, and he might be interested - no committments on either
side as yet. Working by netmail helps him (and others) stomache the

The Kyoto guys are too junior. Also, did you hear about their PROGV bug?

Chaillioux is a problem. He must be on the subset committee. On the
full committee he might be a problem to manage. He will be happy if
a formalist is on the CL committee. Rees can fulfill that role.

Kessler is good.  He might be quiet, but we'll need someone both
in the subset and the fullset committees.

McCarthy likes Common Lisp. He will vote for whatever I tell him to
vote for, so that might be stacking it too much. Perhaps he can be
an `honorary' member?

I worry about Fateman for the same reasons (and more) that Fahlman does.
He doesn't forget a slight against him, and he seeks revenge. Foderaro
is technically ok, but seems to be a company man in the worst sense.

Greenblatt? He's possibly manageable. Any other opinions on him?
It's Dexter Pratt, not Vaughan.

There is no one at TI worth mentioning except Harry Tenant, who is
not a Lisper.

I don't know Ida, so cannot say much for or against him.