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Committee members

This all sounds good to me.  I agree with your analysis about the
bargaining chip point.

I don't know where to come up with another good stock hardware Lisp
implementor who isn't already on the committee and doesn't work for
Lucid or Symbolics and isn't likely to in the near future.  What stock
hardware Lisp exists such that it is at all serious, was done in
industry (or has been migrated out to industry), was not based heavily
on Spice, and isn't from Lucid?  After rejecting individuals who we've
already been pretty down on, it seems that HP Common Lisp is the one
best qualified to fill your criteria.  Politically, I think it makes a
lot of sense to have someone from HP, so that some other large company
besides Xerox is represented, although I agree that this is really
subsidiary to getting good technical representation.

Is Griss the only candidate?  RPG feels that he's a "nay-sayer" and
mainly interested in PSL.  HP clearly is going away from PSL towards CL,
and I don't know how Griss is affected by that.  Who was the heavy-duty
implementor of HP's Common Lisp?