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As a possible answer to Griss, let me suggest the following: I think
that the minimum time commitment for being on the technical committee is
the time it takes to read all of the mail that goes by on the list, and
to think about what is being said at least enough to know whether you
disagree with the rest of us.  (And, of course, if you do disagree or
want to add something, the time it takes to compose a message.)  Plus
the time it takes to get to the face-to-face meetings, which I fervently
hope will be as few and as short as possible -- no more than two a year,
and I'd like to see us go for one.  Griss can see how much mail goes by
and that it goes in waves, so he can estimate for himself how much time
it would take.  My guess would be maybe two or three hours a week -- I
spend about twice that, I think.

Obviously, this thing would not fly if all of us put in just that
minimum amount (someone has to venture opinions for the others to
agree or disagree with, collect the results, etc.), but I would favor
having Griss aboard if he could find time for just the minimum.

-- Scott