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Re: SPARC proposal


I  have  incorporated  most  of  your  suggestions into a revised
proposal to SPARC.

You raised another point also -- when can this ad hoc "gang of  5
+/-"  start  acting.   I  think the answer is as soon as it does.
The eventual X3 Technical  Committee  will  start  with  whatever
technical  documents  exist at that time, so we should be working
on whatever improvements are appropriate.  As long as we  do  not
pretend  to  be  speaking  for  that  official (not yet existing)
committee we should be all right.  The real  problem  is  getting
ourselves organized.  ISI is proposing to do some kind of support
work.  I am going out there at the end of February.  If we are to
make  any  decisions,  we  need to have a list of current issues,
discussion points raised, and any resolution.  I don't  know  how
each  of you keep track of the items (sometimes it seems like you
just quit talking about an issue and I'm not always sure that  it
has been resolved).  As soon as we have a way of maintaining that
issues list and referencing discussions to it, then  I  think  we
could  start  acting and making decisions public and people would
have a reasonable expectation that the decision would hold.