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Re: standardization

I  agree  with Scott that as many major issues as possible should
be resolved by the end of summer.   You  are  the  best  ones  to
determine the specific topics.

I  would  rather  include a list of companies rather than people.
Scott  or  Dick  --  can  you  give  me  a  good  (and   publicly
distributable)  list of companies who have announced their Common
Lisp intentions.

About meetings -- the first  couple  are  just  to  organize  the
committee  and establish a common working framework for standards
activities (this will insure that everything is in the  open  and
above  board;  just  like some of you thought it might be hard to
break into ANSI and ISO, they think it will be hard for  them  to
get  involved  with your on-going activities); the next couple of
meetings are to resolve issues about the  revised  draft  of  the
standard;  then  there  is  a  period of formal voting and public
comment; the final meeting(s) of 1987 are only necessary if there
are  unresolved  issues from that public review.  Considering how
our plans to have  a  January  meeting  turned  into  mostly  net
messages and phone calls, I have the expectation that the planned
meetings of "X3J13" will also only be held when group activity is

-- Bob