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List of CL-supporting companies

Are all of the companies you list as "looking for ways to get a Common
Lisp" prepared to go public with that?  I can think of many others who
have inquired or even obtained our sources, but I'd prefer to stick with
just those companies that have announced their present or future support
for Common Lisp.  There's enough of those to make an impressive case.

Here's a list of those:

Hardware manufacturers:
Symbolics, LMI, TI, DEC, DG, Gould, Sun, Apollo, Prime, Tektronix, H-P,

Software houses:
Lucid (many machines), Intermetrics (IBM/370), Gold Hill (IBM PC and
clones), Franz Inc.

I'm not aware of any public announcements by Masscomp, AT&T, Ridge,
Pyramid, MIPS, Sequent, Encore, Alliant, Amdahl, Cray, Sperry, or NCR
(or from IBM itself), so for now maybe we should leave such companies
off the list unless RPG can verify that they have gone public.
Certainly all of these and more have expressed various degrees of

-- Scott