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The Message

I have been observing the process of reaching the stage emodied by the
message you are about to send. It is clear that you have arrived at a
very resonable and well thought out postion. 

I support the conclusions that you have reached and am comfortable with
some the the key decisions that you have made. Given the strength of the
community, I see no problems with (continuing to) have this activity
operate very effectively with out being formally under DARPA. In fact,
I see significant advantages in terms of being free of some of the
complications that were encountered by having Ada be a formal DoD
activity. The Common Lisp community is broader at this time than
Ada was at the time it was being developed. I see the this decision
as being consistant with the traditions of the Lisp community.

Congradulations and thanks to all of you that have helped to reach
this important milestone.

Stephen L. Squires

(I have a strong preference for spelling my first name "Stephen" and
some time ago decided that the short form of "Steph" is pronounced "Steve"!)