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Multiple, Trivial Points

Because the recent messages are concerning the work of the 
Ad Hoc Technical-Committee-Selection Committee, CL-ISO is the
appropriate list, especially when one of the topics is jettisoning
a selected member in order to include someone else.

I am willing and happy to declare that Lucid will not use the fact
of my membership on Common Lisp committees in advertising or other
PR materials.

I think gathering an official list of participating companies is an
excellent idea. There are probably companies other than the ones on the
Common Lisp mailing list that we should contact (like Cray, CDC, etc). The
Common Lisp mailing list contains 126 entries, but approximately 20 of
those are expanded at other sites to distribution lists and like things.
The amount of mail on the list guarantees that it is self-GCing - people
who do not want the mail and system administrators of machines with
inactive recipients whose mail files are exploding regularly remove

I believe that either Fahlman should send a note to Fateman/Kunze
or Steele should phone them with the relevant comments as suggested
on this list earlier. In the meantime, I think that the Technical committee
should get on with it, making a list of decided ambiguities, setting up
files for tentative decisions, and making a list of possible areas for
discussions for new topics.

Finally, we should, perhaps, outline a strategy for how to proceed with
decisions. For example, we could 

	 (when (done) (return))
	 air an issue on COMMON-LISP, 
	 watch the results, 
	 discuss things among ourselves,
	 and then summarize onto COMMON-LISP)