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OK, thanks.  I'm going to be in Germany and out of effective netmail
contact from April 1 - 9.  Awkward timing -- lots of stuff starting to
move right now.  Anyway, it would be great if I could get a hardcopy of
your manual before I leave so that I can do some editing while stuck in
airports and such, but it's not really mandatory.  When I get back, I've
got a paper to get off that may clobber most of the next two weeks, but
can probably get things rolling to the extent that people won't give up
on the whole process.

Is the manual written in Scribe or TeX or something else?  I've been
meaning for a long time to switch my text hacking over to some version
of TeX, and this may be the time, since it seems to be more widespread
than Scribe (thanks to Unilogic).  If there's a tidbit of source file
that you could zap me before SAIL goes under, that would be of interest,
but again not essential.

This is all psychological.  If I can make everyone believe that we are
making progress, we will make progress.  Seeing a manual take shape is a
good way to create that image.

-- Scott