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The new psi is hopefully a bit easier to use.  You no longer have to end
a line of typing with a space to be able to continue on the next line.
Instead, indicate that you are done by typing a period and a carriage
return as the only characters on a line.  eg
	The scene is a set of relations
If you forget to type the '.' and just sit there, PSI will remind you.

Also, if the parser-interpreter doesn't understand the sentence you typed,
it offers you the option of entering the LISP editor editing the old sentence,
or of typing a new sentence.  eg
	parser didnt like the following:
	(The scene is and a set of relations)

	Edit? Y

'Y' lets you edit; cr, N, or saying nothing for a few seconds lets you enter
from scratch.

Type â??E while entering from scratch or exit from the editor with 'STOP'
and you get to start over.  (If you were given the choice of editing something,
you will get the choice again.)

NOTE that when you are replacing a word that the parser didnt know, you
presently do not need the '.<cr>'.

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