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here it is: FASFRKs!!

	cfork[(filnam ext p pn)]   SUBR
		forks to file. sets global lowfrk# to fork job#. returns this as
		value in case you want to use it for something else

	sfork[]	SUBR
		suspends your fork, returns job# of parent setting global upfork#
		to this number.
	msg[frk# sxpr]
		mails sxpr to fork frk#. if sxpr is small it just sends it inside
		the letter. if not it sends it via blt. You can send sxprs as large
		as 5120 chars (~10pages of parens). beware: |..| atoms are screwed
		up by losing maclsp

		sleeps waiting for message from anybody. Returns message as dotted
		pair (frk# . sxpr)

	waitmsg[msg frk#]
		waits for message eq to msg from fork frk#. NILs in the right placess
		act as wildcards (ie. any fork anay message). All other messages
		are flushed.


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