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QUUX passed on to me your gripe about taking 0.5 hrs to cope with each
new version of CGOL.  I've put your changes in as being translated
conditionally on SAIL being non-NIL.  Thus to get a Stanford version
of CGOL, change the command "sail := nil" that you will find near the front of
AI:PRATT;CGOL >.  (But don't make the change in CGOL >, as you did last time,
that came close to screwing me as I am in the habit of reaping my FN1 <
files frequently without thought, which assumes that no one else has been
generating FN1 > files that I didn't want - fortunately I
happened to have a relatively recent version of CGOL on MC that enabled me to
work out what changes you had made to CGOL >, so it turned out fine in the end.)

// 16 //