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implementation roundup

    Date: 5 May 86 18:32:00 PST
    From: DAVE SERAFINI <serafini at ames-aero>

    Has anyone compiled a list of the various implementations of scheme extant, 
    and could I be send a copy?

There's a list of implementations, with brief descriptions, in the file
"SCHEME;SCHEME IMPLS" on MIT-MC.  I compiled it from messages sent to
this mailing list.  I don't think MC's FTP server requires passwords to
log in; if you are asked to supply a user name or password, give
arbitrary strings like GUEST and ARPA.

People who don't have Internet access and want a copy of this file
should send a message to JAR@MC (not to SCHEME@MC!) requesting it.  I'll
batch requests, except that if I get more than ten requests I'll simply
send the file out to the entire Scheme mailing list.  It's about 12K
bytes so I'll have to mail it in two pieces (MC's mailer is limited to
10 or 11K).