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Use of Scheme.

This past year at the University of Kansas we used Scheme in two 
classes.  In an undergraduate "Programming Languages" class we
went through Abelson and Sussman's book while using Scheme for
homework and class projects.  In a graduate level "Artificial
Intelligence" class we went through Kowalski's book and assigned
a project to develop a Horne clause theorem prover which some
implemented using Scheme.  We are now trying to a curriculum 
for our "Introductory Programming" course in which we would use
MacScheme (we now use Pascal) and would use Abelson and Sussman
as a text (probably not the entire book).  We would hope to use
the remaining chapters of the text for our second semester
programming course.

We are of course encountering some resistance as we try to forge
ahead with Lisp as a basic instructional language.  Has anyone
been involved with the review process of ACM or IEEE for CS or
ECE programs and suggested the use of Lisp as a basic language?
What are some of the more compelling arguments for and against
such an effort?  If anyone could direct me to any B-Boards on 
ARPA net which would appreciate such a discussion I would appreciate
it.  I intend to send such an inquiry to AIList and Prolog.

Glenn O. Veach
Artificial Intelligence Laboratory
Department of Computer Science
University of Kansas
Lawrence, KS 66045-2192
(913) 864-4482