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Re: Who Is Using Scheme? For What?

This is a reply to your query about SCHEME users:

I am taking a graduate course at Boston University entitled "Data
Abstractions and Object-Oriented Programming" in which SCHEME is the
primary language being used as a vehicle to discuss these topics.

Our instructor has several copies of the TI PC-SCHEME and is offering
student prices for the PC-SCHEME from TI to those students with IBM-PCs.
We also use a version of SCHEME for the VAX.

I am on the SCHEME mailing list, but I'm not sure if the professor is.
His name is Peter Mager and his Internet address is:
    met128%bostonu.bitnet -at csnet-relay.arpa

Question:  Does the TI PC-SCHEME work on Zenith Z-100s running MSDOS
version 2?