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Welcome to the "Scheme" mailing list.  The list is intended to be a
forum for discussing anything related to the Scheme programming
language(s), with particular emphasis on the use of Scheme in education.
There are over 100 people on the list now, with about 70 institutions
represented.  Most have signed up as the result of a recent message

Send all communication concerning the administration of the list
(additions, removals) to Scheme-Request@MIT-MC.

Some of you may be unwittingly on this list (e.g., indirectly through
some other list).  Send mail to Scheme-Request@MIT-MC if you don't want
to be on and I'll try to fix things somehow.

Messages will accrete in the file "LSPMAI; SCHEME MAIL" on MIT-MC.

Several people have asked about MIT AI memo 848, the "Revised Revised
Report on Scheme," Will Clinger, editor.  It can be ordered from:

  Elizabeth Heepe
  Publications, Room NE43-818
  MIT Artifical Intelligence Laboratory
  545 Technology Square
  Cambridge MA 02139

Enclose a check for $6.00 per copy (U.S. funds) payable to the MIT
Artificial Intelligence Laboratory.

Coming soon: information on available and unavailable Scheme

Jonathan Rees