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getting scheme up on a 3B1

I hope this is the right place to post this... I'm trying to get
C-Scheme running on an AT&T Unix PC (approx Unix SV.2).  First Q:
what's the latest C-Scheme version and where is it available from
(FTP preferred)?  (want to make sure I'm working with the latest

2nd Q: on what basis does one define STACK, HEAP, and CONSTANT size
in config.h?  When I use the defaults and try to run scheme, I get
a "Not enough memory for this configuration." message, and scheme
halts.  If I try "scheme -heap 75 -stack 75", it comes up ok.  But
I had to tweak the numbers to get it to work-- isn't there a more
principled approach?

Last Q: the runtime/ and sf/ areas have .scm, .psb, and .bin files.
I see that one can convert psb/bin easily, but is there some way
to generate psb or bin files from scm files?

ANY assistance would be appreciated!  Thanks,

Brant Cheikes                                      University of Pennsylvania
ARPA: brant@linc.cis.upenn.edu               Computer and Information Science