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message passing

Your question about error handlers is apparently specific to PC Scheme
(it's hard to tell), since Scheme per se has no standard error handling
system (yet).  I would like to remind everyone on this list that
discussion that is specific to one implementation (there are at least
six different implementations) should, if possible, be conducted on an
appropriate forum, not here.

However, I don't know what mailing lists (if any) exist for most of the
implementations, including PC Scheme, MacScheme, or chez scheme.  If
there are such mailing lists, could someone please announce them?  If
not, then for the time being, I suppose this list is as good a place as
any for discussion -- I don't mean to restrict information flow, just to
make it more efficient -- but could someone out there consider creating
such lists?

At the very least, if your message *does* concern a particular
implementation, please state which one at the very beginning of the
message, so that users of other implementations can determine quickly
that your message does not concern them.

The particular lists I do know about are:
      (send mail to info-cscheme-request%oz@mc.lcs.mit.edu to be added)
      (send mail to t-discussion-request@mc.lcs.mit.edu to be added)


-- the management