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To: scheme@mc.lcs.mit.edu
From: NETWORK@frsac11.bitnet
Subject: CScheme Rel 5

Date: 22 May 1987, 15:56:41 GMT

MIT Scheme Rel 5 is available only by FTP, and I suppose it is a big file.

A suggestion: send it to SIMTEL20.ARPA, they have the previous version
as PD:<unix.gnu>scheme.tar, a file of over 3 megabytes, but being on this
server, anybody from ARPA or BITNET etc... can get it.

If some kind soul want to do it, talk to Tom Harrison

A lot easier than making tapes!!!

P.S. I can FTP the thing, to bring it to my computer would cost me several
hundred dollars in communication cost...


Jean-Pierre H. Dumas

network@frsac11 (bitnet)
network%frsac11.bitnet@wiscvm.wisc.edu (arpanet)
..!ihnp4!frsac11.bitnet!network (usenet ?)
dumas@sumex-aim.stanford.edu (arpanet)

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