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Looking for comments on an introductory article about Scheme

    I just finished an introductory article about Scheme which is due by the
end of this week (sorry) and which will appear in the SGAICO/SI Newsletter.
SGAICO (Swiss Group for AI and CO) is a special interest group of SI (Swiss
ACM Chapter)

TOPIC: 1. Philosophy and History of Scheme 
          (lots of quotes from the R^3 appendix and S&ICP)
       2. The language
          (inspired by R^3 and the banking account of S&ICP)
       3. List of implementations
       4. A review of PC Scheme

    I wonder, if any kind soul out there could have a look at it and make
some comments and/or corrections. The article is certainly *not* worth
looking at, but for somebody it might be important that the Swiss get the
good things right. :)

    The whole thing is written by an amateur, who does not want to clutter up
this mailing list. If anybody has some spare time, please reply. I can send
you either a Scribe file or a semi-formatted thing. If REPLY does not work,
try one of the addresses below.

Thanks - Daniel
Daniel K.Schneider
ISSCO, University of Geneva, 54 route des Acacias, 1227 Carouge (Switzerland)
Tel. (..41) (22) 20 93 33 ext. 2114
          to VMS/BITNET:                    to UNIX/EAN (preferable):
BITNET:   SCHNEIDER@CGEUGE51                shneider%cui.unige.chunet@CERNVAX
                                        or: shneider%cui.unige.chunet@ubc.csnet
uucp:                                       mcvax!cernvax!cui!shneider