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dump-world problem on 4.2BSD vax (version 4 C-scheme)

I get the following error when using dump-world. (vax 750, 4.2BSD)

% scheme
Scheme Microcode Version 8.2
MIT Scheme, UNIX version
^AH (CTRL-A, then H) shows help on interrupt keys.
FASLoading file /usr/mg/lib/scheme/scheme.bin

Scheme saved on Saturday March 21, 1987 at 9:55:37 AM
  Release 4.1.1
  Microcode 8.2
  Runtime 11.4
  Features 1.2
  Cross 11.1
  Unix Interface 1.2

1 ]=> (dump-world "myScheme")

Failure operating on scheme

Anomalous error -- get a wizard 23
There is no environment available;
using the current read-eval-print environment.

The error also occurs when usinmg a full pathname in place of "myScheme".

Any ideas would be appreciated.

Mike Gigante	mg%cidam.oz@seismo.css.gov  munnari!cidam.oz!mg@seismo.css.gov
Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology, Australia