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Question: are theres ANY VIDEO TAPES available for Scheme ?

We heard that there were some video tapes around which teach programming
in Scheme (maybe some MIT "6.001" lessons).

If #T,  (1) where could I get them ?
        (2) for what price (incl. handling, mail to Switzerland) ?

Thanks for any help !
Daniel K.Schneider
ISSCO, University of Geneva, 54 route des Acacias, 1227 Carouge (Switzerland)
Tel. (..41) (22) 20 93 33 ext. 2114
          to VMS/BITNET:                    to UNIX/EAN (preferable):
BITNET:   SCHNEIDE@CGEUGE51                 shneider%cui.unige.chunet@CERNVAX
                                        or: shneider%cui.unige.chunet@ubc.csnet
uucp:                                       mcvax!cernvax!cui!shneider