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help -- set command

I recently purchased TI's PCScheme for the IBM PC.  I have a question
that I hope someone out there can answer for me.  I would like to use a
command that acts like "set" (i.e., evaluates both its arguments) in
Interlisp.  More specifically, I would like to do the following:

	(SETQ ALIST '(A B C))  {equivalent to set! or define}

	(SET (CAR ALIST) 'Z)    {equivalent to ????}

	(EVAL (CAR ALIST))  {Should return Z}

Neither define or set! evaluate their first arguments.  Does anyone know
of a function that will act like set in Interlisp or of an easy way
around this problem?  (I can think of awkward ways to get around it for
specific applications, but I am looking for a nice generic fix.)

Sorry if this question seems basic to the people on this DL, but I'm a
beginner in both Lisp (a few months of experience) and Scheme (a week of

Thanks for any help,