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[vanroggen%bach.DEC: Looking for Lisps...]

Apologies to those of you who have seen this message already.
I have nothing to do with this newsletter; I'm just forwarding this
message because I thought people on the scheme list might be interested.
- Jonathan

Date: Tuesday, 20 Jan 1987 14:48:29-PST
From: vanroggen%bach.DEC at decwrl.DEC.COM
To:   common-lisp at sail.stanford.edu,
      vanroggen%bach.DEC at decwrl.DEC.COM
Re:   Looking for Lisps...
Message-Id: <8701202249.AA09113@decwrl.dec.com>

As part of a feature of the LISP POINTERS newsletter, we'd like to collect
descriptions of all currently available Lisp implementations.

Any kind of Lisp is acceptable; it doesn't have to be Common Lisp or Scheme or
Interlisp or MacLisp. It doesn't have to be a commercially supported product
either; it can be free with no warranties whatsoever.

If you're working on an implementation, and you're willing to describe it
for everyone's benefit, send us at least the following information:

  Implementation Name
  Implemented to which standard (if any)
  Features (if no standard; see the suggested list of issues below)
  Additional Features (if implemented according to a standard)
  Missing Features (if implemented according to a standard)
  Current version/availability/prices
  Support (if supported, by whom; sources available?)
  Operating System(s)
  Source or Contact
  Any other comments
  Submitter's name, address, and net-address

Some features you might want to comment on include:

  Predefined data types
  Name spaces and scopes and extents
  Control structures (e.g., special forms, non-local goto's, multiple
	values, multiple stacks, tasking, multi-processor support)
  Typing and declarations
  Garbage collection
  I/O functions
  Object-oriented support
  Graphics and windowing support
  Programming tools (e.g., graphics packages, editor interaction,
	system maintenance)
  Interaction with other languages
  AI-oriented tools (e.g., pattern matching, rules, database support,
	natural language interface)
  Any other interesting features

Send this information to:

  Walter van Roggen
  Mail address: HLO2-3/E9, 77 Reed Rd, Hudson MA, 01749, USA