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Journal of Lisp and Symbolic Computation -- call for papers

Date: Fri, 31 Oct 86 12:34:05 PST
From: edsel!sunvalleymall!jlz at navajo.stanford.edu (Jan Zubkoff)
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Re:   Call for Papers
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		      An International Journal


a new journal published by Kluwer Academic Publishers.  Richard
P. Gabriel, Lucid, Inc. and Guy L. Steele Jr., Thinking Machines,
Inc. are Editors-in-Chief.

The aim of this new journal is to present a forum for current and
evolving symbolic computing, focusing on LISP and
object-oriented programming.  The scope includes:

	* Programming language notations for symbolic computing
	  (e.g., data abstraction, parallelism, lazy evaluation,
	  infinite data objects, self-reference, message-passing,
	  generic functions, inheritance, encapsulation,
	  protection, metaobjects).

	* Implementations and techniques (e.g., specialized
	  architectures, compiler design, combinatory models,
	  garbage collection, storage management, performance
	  analysis, smalltalks, flavors, common loops, etc.).

	* Programming logics (e.g., semantics and reasoning about
	  programs, types and type inference).

	* Programming environments and tools (e.g.,
	  Knowledge-based programming tools, program
	  transformations, specifications, debugging tools).

	* Applications and experience with symbolic computing
	  (e.g., real-time programming, artificial intelligence
	  tools, experience with LISP, object-oriented
	  programming, window systems, user interfaces, operating
	  systems, parallel/distributed computing.



Timetable.  Authors must submit five (5) complete copies of their papers.
Notice of acceptance or rejection will be sent to the first author.

Appearance.  Each copy of the paper should be clearly legible.
Papers should be printed on 8-1/2 by 11" paper, double spaced
with at least 1 inch margins with no smaller than 12 pt.  type.

Title Page.  Each copy of the paper must have a title page (separate from
the body of the paper) containing the title of the paper, the names and
addresses of all the authors.  The affiliation appearing under the author's
name should be the name of the organization for which the work was carried
out.  When this is no longer the author's current affiliation, the latter
is given in the address footnote on the first page.  The title page must
specify one topic from the scopes listed on the reverse side of this page.

Abstract.  The abstract should be 150 to 200 words and should be short and
direct.  It should be informative enough to serve as a substitute for
reading the paper itself.  Work planned but not done should not be
described in the abstract.  Do not display formulas and do not use citation
reference numbers.

Review Criteria.  Each paper will be reviewed by experts in the area
specified from the scope as the topic of the paper.  Acceptance will be
based on overall merit and significance of the reported research, as well
as the quality of the presentation.

Please send papers to: 

Jan Zubkoff		
Associate Editor, LASC			
Lucid, Inc.		
707 Laurel Street	
Menlo Park, CA  94025	
(415) 329-8400

Suggestions and inquiries to:

Dick Gabriel			Guy L. Steele Jr.
Editor-in-Chief			Editor-in-Chief
Lucid, Inc.			Thinking Machines, Inc.
707 Laurel Street		245 First Street
Menlo Park, CA  94025		Cambridge, MA  02142
rpg@sail			gls@think.COM
(415) 329-8400			(617) 876-1111