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Problem with MIT-Scheme

I've tried to send this to MIT, but couldn't get through:

To: info-cschme-request%oz@mc.lcs.mit.edu, INFO-CSCHEME%OZ@MC.LCS.MIT.EDU
Subject: join scheme mailing list & problem

I am trying to get MIT Scheme up on an NCR Tower 32 - SYSVR2.  I've
got everything going along just fine untill:

    Psbtobin /usr/craig/Scheme/runtime/screen.psb
    Psbtobin /usr/craig/Scheme/runtime/sdata.psb
    /usr/craig/Scheme/microcode/Psbtobin: Segmentation violation -- Core dumped
    *** Error code 1
    `runtime/scheme.bin' not remade because of errors

Not very nice.  I looked into Psbtobin and found it to be quite
involved.  I wonder if you know of any bugs that may be obvious.  An
sdb run on the core shows:

    $ sdb Psbtobin ../runtime/core
    0x80a in read_a_string:138:     *string++ = ((char) read_a_char());
    133:   To[STRING_LENGTH] = Make_Non_Pointer(TC_FIXNUM, len);
    135:   /* Space */
    136:   getc(Portable_File);
    137:   while (--len >= 0)
    138:     *string++ = ((char) read_a_char());
    139:   *string = '\0';
    140:   return (To + Pointer_Count);
    141: }
    read_a_string(To=0x8134,Slot=0x7228)   [Psbtobin.c:138]
    Read_External(N=300,Table=0x7078,To=0x7528)   [Psbtobin.c:410]
    do_it()   [Psbtobin.c:750]
    Setup_Program(argc=1,argv=0xdffd84,Noptions=0,Options=0x5274)   [Psbtobin.c:226]
    main(argc=1,argv=0xdffd84,14679436)   [Psbtobin.c:851]
    0x8134	0x7228
    0x37ff4b	0xdfc63b

BTW, adb agrees with sdb about the arguments:

    $ adb Psbtobin ../runtime/core
    Read_External+0x4e:	read_a_string	(0x8134, 0x7228)
    do_it+0x58:	Read_External	(0x12c,	0x7078,	0x7528)
    Setup_Program+0x76:	do_it	(0x5274)
    main+0x22:	Setup_Program	(0x1, 0xdffd84,	0x0, 0x5274)
    start%+0x2c:	main	(0x1)
    ???:		start%	(0x518f2eaf, 0x841ef, 0xc2f48)

Can you be of any help?  I would really like to get this stuff going.

Thanks in advance.
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