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SCHEME interpreter in Common Lisp?


I'm looking for a SCHEME interpreter/compiler written in Common Lisp,
for instructional use on Symbolics LISPMs.  My main concern is that it
be properly tail-recursive.  Speed isn't much of a priority, since
I'll be using it mainly for teaching.

What I've done in the interim is to write a Common Lisp function
which uses a giant TAGBODY and follows the interpreter given in
Structure and Interpretation of Computer Programs.  Thanks to the
TAGBODY, I can get tail recursion by using (GO).  But this requires
implementing an interpreter, rather than having a way to compile
SCHEME to Common Lisp.

Does anyone have an implementation that might help me?

- Stephen

P.S.  If anyone is interested in a copy of my little hack, I'll be
glad to pass it along.  I'm probably going to continue expanding it in
my spare time...
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