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Tigger on Scheme

Posted-Date: Mon, 6 Jul 87 07:46:39 EDT
Date: Mon, 6 Jul 87 07:46:39 EDT
From: Tigger@Hundred-Acre-Wood.Milne.Disney
To: ramsdell@linus.uucp
Subject: Scheme
	The wonderful thing about Scheme is:		
	Scheme is a wonderful thing.			
	Complex procedural ideas			
	Are expressed via simple strings.		
	It's clear semantics, and lack of pedantics,	
	Help make programs run, run, RUN!		
	But the most wonderful thing about Scheme is:	
	Programming in it is fun,			
	Programming in it is FUN!


The scheme poem was a take-off on the poem explaining the wonderful
thing about about Tiggers.  I mistakenly though that Tigger's poem was
 from A. A. Milnes' "House At Pooh Corner", but it was created by
Disney in their animated film on Pooh.  Thus, I changed Tigger's
return address.  Please destroy old copies of the poem.