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Type Inference in Scheme Summary

The question:

   I am interested in using type inference to get faster code out of my
   Scheme compiler.  I'd greatly appreciate pointers to any existing work in
   that area...


You should look at my SPS (Semantic Prototyping System) which includes, among
other things, an ML-style type inference system for a pretty good chunk of
Scheme.  A hardcopy writeup is in the Proceedings of the 1984 SIGPLAN Compiler
Construction Conference.

Scheme84 and SPS are available on iuvax.cs.indiana.edu via ftp (login:
anonymous, with any password) as /usr/ftp/pub/scheme84 and
/usr/ftp/pub/SPS, respectively.

Mitchell Wand
College of Computer Science
Northeastern University
360 Huntington Avenue #161CN
Boston, MA 02115

CSNet:  wand@corwin.ccs.northeastern.edu


Here is one of the definitive papers on Type Inference:

Robin Milner. "A Theory of Type Polymorphics in Programming"
_Journal of Computer and System Sciences_, 17 348-375 December 1978.

It describes his system of polymorphism in the language ML.

Jamey Hicks (jamey@xn.ll.mit.edu)


A type inference system for Common Lisp is described in "Lisp Pointers",
Vol 1, No. 2.  The author is Randall D. Beer (beer%case@CSNET-RELAY.ARPA).

Thanks for the pointers,