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Scheme needed for the VAX-780

Help!  Desperately seeking Scheme!

I'm an undergrad at the UW-Madison, and no one here groks lisp.

The only lisp available at Madison is Franz, and frankly I'd rather have an
appendectomy.  I would like to have a lexically-scoped lisp which has a
consistent treatment of procedures as objects, i.e. Scheme.

My first exposure to lisp was in an MIT AI Memo by Guy L. Steele and Gerry
Sussman, "The Art of the Interpreter, or the Modularity Complex Parts 0, 1,
2 and 3."  I used to program in Pascal, but once I read Abelson and Sussman's
"The Structure and Interpretation of Computer Programs," I knew I was hooked.

(I have the Revised**3 Report on Scheme and Slade's book on the Yale T dialect
of Scheme.)

I think there was a posting (by Gerry Sussman himself?) explaining how to
obtain MIT's CScheme, but I missed it.

If anyone has any info on how I could get a Scheme system for the VAX under
UNIX, I would literally be eternally grateful.  I try to watch this newsgroup
or you can e-mail me, quale@gumby.wis.edu .

				Tx 1E+06 ...
				D. Quale

P.S.  If anyone could convince Dr. Steele or Dr. Sussman to write the promised
sequel to "The Art of the Interpreter," I'd love to see it.