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C and Cscheme.

I actually believe that good programmers are good programmers, and
bad programmers are bad programmers, no matter what language they
program in. The UBERPROGRAMMER has mastery over many languages
and can learn a new one and start programming in it in less than 15 minutes.

Personally, knowing the people that worked on CScheme, I think they
would have been happier with a more powerful (as far as the ability to
express statements that better cover the output domain of the
compiler, which in this case is the machine architecture, or
instruction set) and abstract language such as BLISS. (Quite possible,
since the first development happened on TOPS-20 and VMS).

But I'm sure that everybody is happy that it is in C, since it was
intended to be ported without first porting a compiler!

Now this might be a secret, but there are famous people, well know
for promulgating the use of lisp, either by founding LISPMACHINE companies,
or writing books, etc, who do quite a bit of programming in C and/or FORTRAN.

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