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Extending the address space of MIT Cscheme (long reply)

    Date: Wed, 4 May 88 22:02:40 edt
    From: jinx@CHAMARTIN.AI.MIT.EDU (Guillermo J. Rozas)

    ... few Lisp implementations (if any) can currently match the speed that
    can be obtained from C or FORTRAN in numeric code.  What's wrong with
    coding a commonly used procedure in a language which will make it more
    efficient?  Please show me a Lisp which can compete with C in this regard.
    If you manage to do this, I strongly suspect that the number of arcane
    declarations in the Lisp code will make it at least as unreadable as C, so
    you're no better off.

I was under the impression that LISP's numeric inefficiency was, in general, a
fallacy.  Didn't MacLISP generate better numeric code than DEC's FORTRAN, some
years back?

- Stephen