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SIOD release 1.2 (28-APR-88).

(1) bug fixed in use of atof for VMS.
(2) compiled and run on AMIGA 500
(3) name changes to conform better to recently published material.
(4) bug in extend_environment fixed.
(5) siod.scm file now has:
    * standard-fib procedure for benchmarking
    * cons-stream, enumerate-interval, print-stream-elements.
(6) siod.doc file updated to reflect name changes.

Same place, anonymous ftp to bu-it.bu.edu ( or
and get /pub/siod.*

I have gotten many messages from people who cannot FTP to this machine.
Sorry for not responding yet. Already I have spent more time in MAIL
about this than in the actual Scheme implementation. Thanks to those
who have sent in bug fixes or new features. When I found out how to
post to comp.sources.unix or misc I will do so.