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Re: Scheme Implementation for Macintosh 2

In article <8804190413.AA11938@duke.cs.duke.edu> gleicher@CS.DUKE.EDU (Michael Gleicher) writes:
>has anyone ported Cscheme to the mac 2?

I transferred r2 to MPW C and ran it thru Gnu-CP and MPW C (its preprocessor
wouldn't accept CScheme's #define's; too many levels) without much
difficulty. But no toolbox etc. support yet as I don't know much (read that as
"anything") about the internal organization of CScheme, eg where to put your
own REP interface, how to put in output to windows, ...

I probably will do that if/when there's time (right now there isn't) and
if I get pointers to more detailed information about CScheme.

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