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SIOD release 1.1

Well, Barak.Pearlmutter@DOGHEN.BOLTZ.CS.CMU.EDU sent me a couple fixes
including a full flonum recognizer, so while I was putting these into
the source I figured, what the heck, add a case tc_symbol: to
the switch on TYPE(tmp) in the evaluator and boom, you have macros.
Then, if you can write macros you can add syntax for things like
delay, and cons-stream. Then you want to put these goodies into a file,
so you want to have load. Then why not (the-environment) and add
a couple special forms like and, or, let, if you are going
to actually write a program or two? Then I realized I had left out
predicates like consp and numberp.

Then with all this stuff you better write a siod.doc file, and actually
make sure the thing compiles and runs on all the nearby systems.

Release 1.1 SIOD is now in three files,
 siod.c   25k bytes
 siod.doc 21k bytes
 siod.scm  2k bytes

Same system, same anonymous ftp, same directory. Enjoy!

Some people without FTP access have asked for me to mail them the file,
which is now three files. Perhaps someone can suggest a proper list
on which to do some kind of POSTING of this code? Any experienced
posters out there?