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ML compiler -- Standard ML of NJ

Glad you asked!

I am distributing copies of Standard ML of New Jersey, an incremental
compiler that is currently available for Sun and Vax/Unix.  Licenses
are available only to academic institutions at the moment, and there
is no charge.  Eventually licenses should be available to anyone, and
then there may be a small license fee.

The version we are currently distributing is a "beta" version (Version
0.18).  Version 1.0 should be out by this summer.  Standard ML of New
Jersey is being written by Andrew Appel of Princeton, Trevor Jim, a
former student of Andrew's who is now at Bell Labs, and myself.

To obtain a license contract, send me mail, including your name, phone
number, mail address, and email address.  It would also be useful if
you would indicate whether you have arpanet ftp access.

Dave MacQueen

Room 2C-322
AT&T Bell Laboratories
Murray Hill, NJ 07974
(201) 582-7691