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Info needed on Scheme research

    Quoting "From: otter!ange@hplabs.hp.com  (Andy Norman)"
    From: Will Clinger <willc%tekchips.CRL%tektronix.tek.com@RELAY.CS.NET>
    There's someone at Carnegie Mellon who's applying flow analysis to the
    type inference problem for Scheme.

Will, do you mean Olin Shivers at CMU?  Or is there someone else working on
flow analysis?

In a vein similar to Andy's question, What is the state-of-the-art in
optimizing compilers for Lisp / Scheme?  If people would send references to
papers, e.g. something on Orbit, I'll collect and summarize the responses.

(Apologies to everybody if this question has been asked recently.  I'm new to
this list and looking through the archives available to me didn't turn up

- Mark Shirley