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Cleanup needed.

+From:         #Hein{nen Juha <jh@ohio-state.arpa>
+Subject:      suggestions for the next revision of scheme
+I have a couple of suggestions for the next revision of Scheme that
+all deal with orthogonality issues:
+Second, map and for-each should apply also to strings and vectors.
+Why should Scheme provide better treatment for list than for other
+structured types?
+Finally, do should be abolished altogether.  Is far too complicated
+operation compared to the rest of Scheme and seems like a relic from
+ancient times.

I do support the above remarks.
If there is generic math functions, list/vector/string generic
functions seems natural.

I was surprised too at the "do" construct, that is far from
usual scheme elegance. (I find the current "do" quite baroque.)


Jean-Pierre H. Dumas

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