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Self reference in objects

Date: 19 October 1988, 16:51:25 ECT
From: Harald Hanche-Olsen       +47-7-593525         HANCHE   at NORUNIT
To:   scheme@mc.lcs.mit.edu

(I suppose this should be sent directly to Jonathan Dubman who asked
the question, but my mailer would not accept his monstrous address...)

To: apple!bionet!agate!e260-3b.berkeley.edu!128a-3aj@BLOOM-BEACON.MIT.EDU

Jonathan had problems with allowing his objects to refer to themselves.
His objects are defined by lambda expressions, so I can't think of any
reason why the following would not work:

(define (make-player ...)
    ((self (lambda (...)   <body of player>)))

or something like it.  In <body of player> you can use  self
to denote *this* player, like in

(present-room 'move self 'north)

- Harald Hanche-Olsen