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Re: Intermediate Lambda Calculus --> Machine code

In article <12502@iuvax.cs.indiana.edu> jeschke@iuvax.UUCP (Eric Jeschke) writes:
>    "The Implementation of Functional Programming Languages" by Simon
>Peyton-Jones is a good book for this.    It basically describes the
>state-of-the-art in sequential implementations: pattern matching, typing,
>optimization and supercombinator generation.
>There is a very thorough treatment of the lambda calculus spanning several
>chapters.   I highly recommend it.

	I was going to recommend this book as well.  A MUST-HAVE for you
	shelf if you are at all interested in compiling declarative
	languages.  More raw brainpower went into this book than you
	could find in 1000 hours at a library.  It is well organized (in
	spite of several chapters being written by different authors)
	and very thorough.

	This book encouraged me to pursue a Master's thesis in the topic
	of parallel implementation of functional languages based upon
	the lambda calculus.

mark vandewettering