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Periodic noise message; list policy reiterated

[I periodically send this message in order to show the mailing list
policy blurb to people who may not have already seen it, and in order to
weed out bad addresses from the list.  You can ignore this message if
you've already seen something like it.]

General information about the Scheme mailing list:

- The list is not moderated.  If you send mail to scheme@mc.lcs.mit.edu,
it will be forwarded to the hundreds (thousands?) of list members on the
ARPA Internet, CSNET, BITNET, Usenet, JUNET, etc.  If you have any doubt
about the suitability of your message for this audience, send it to
scheme-request@mc.lcs.mit.edu instead, and your message will be either
answered or forwarded.

- Avoid sending messages concerning MIT's scheme implementation (C
Scheme) to the list; users of the many other Scheme implementations
don't generally care to see such messages.  There is a separate list,
info-cscheme@zurich.ai.mit.edu, for this purpose.  To be added to that
list, send mail to info-cscheme-maintainer@zurich.ai.mit.edu.

- Similarly for T (Yale Scheme): send requests to

- Send administrative requests to scheme-request@mc.lcs.mit.edu.  If
your machine is scheduled to change its name or routing, or to go off
the net, or if you move, please send mail to scheme-request so your
entry can be changed.

- Problem addresses on the list will be quietly removed from the list.
Your address may become invalid due to no fault of your own, and/or
without your being aware of it.  For example, if your system becomes
inaccessible from the Internet for a week, of if it changes its name,
messages to you will bounce, and your entry will be removed from the
list.  If you don't get any Scheme list messages for, say, a month, you
might want to send a message to scheme-request to verify that you're
still on.

- If you send a message and receive mailer error reports in reply,
forward the error reports to scheme-request@mc.lcs.mit.edu.

- If you think there will be more than one person at your site who wants
to be on the list, please set up a local redistribution list.

- There is bidirectional forwarding between Usenet's comp.lang.scheme
and the Internet Scheme list.

- Messages are archived in the following files:
	LSPMAI; SCHEME MAIL1   on host AI.AI.MIT.EDU   [oldest messages]
	LSPMAI; SCHEME MAIL    on host MC.LCS.MIT.EDU  [newest messages]
Note that there are spaces in these filenames, so you may have to type
double quotes at your FTP program.  If you don't have Internet FTP access,
tough luck.

- There is a file on host AI.AI.MIT.EDU, "LSPMAI; SCHEME IMPLS", that
has brief descriptions of available scheme implementations and how to
get them.  If you want a copy of this file, but you don't have Internet
FTP access, send a request to scheme-request.

					Jonathan Rees
					14 August 1988