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Amiga C-Scheme?

In message <1774@vu-vlsi.Villanova.EDU>, sword@vu-vlsi.Villanova.EDU (David Talmage) says:
>Has anyone ported C-Scheme to the Amiga?  I've got the sources on my
>VAXen here at Villanova.  Is it worth my time to try to make C-Scheme
>run on my 2.5 MByte Amiga?

C-Scheme will probably run quite slowly on an Amiga (it's no
speed-demon on the Pyramid 90x machines at school). The memory image
on the Pyramids is around 2 megabytes, so you should be able to fit it
into memory. But you wouldn't be able to have much else in the

I would say that it wasn't worth it, but it depends on how much you
want Scheme. If you do decide to try it, make sure you have the latest
copy of C-Scheme from the Free Software Foundation. Between the 16.xx
Emacs tapes and the 17.xx Emacs tapes, C-Scheme was changed in fairly
major ways to make it more portable (I had a hard time bringing the
16.xx version up on the Pyramids, while the 17.xx version came up with
no problem at all).

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