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Re: Oaklisp

>>From article <8806031654.AA00871@BLOOM-BEACON.MIT.EDU>, by NETWORK@FRSAC11.BITNET:
>> Did anybody succeed in porting OAK to System V ?
>> Or to an other cpu than sun/VAX/rt ?
>If I recall correctly, Oaklisp is an interesting object-oriented dialect
>of Scheme that was originally implemented on the Macintosh.  I do not
>know if it has been ported anywhere, but this is the first I hear that
>it is available at all.  I would love to play with the Macintosh version.
>Does anyone know if it is available?
>Thomas F. Gordon		email: thomas@gmdxps.uucp

Actually, our implementation of Oaklisp was developed on a Sun, although
I will also run on most any Unix box, and probably on a Macintosh.

We aren't doing any support at all, but AT YOUR OWN RISK you can ftp a
compressed tar file of the latest release from DOGHEN.BOLTZ.CS.CMU.EDU,
user "ftpguest", password "oaklisp", file "oak/release.tar.Z".  Be sure
to use binary mode.  This isn't a real release.  No support.  You're on
your own.