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Miranda (functional programming system)

		Miranda - release one

Miranda is a very pure functional language designed by  Professor  David
Turner  of the University of Kent.  It has polymorphic strong typing and
a simple but powerful module system.  This is to inform anyone  who  may
be  interested  that  the  first  full release of the Miranda functional
programming system is now available  for  a  number  of  UNIX  machines,
including  VAX's  and  SUN's.   If you wish to receive a longer piece of
electronic mail telling you more about the Miranda  system  and  how  to
obtain it, this can be requested from

		USENET:   ...!mcvax!ukc!mira-request
		ARPANET:  mira-request@ukc%nss.cs.ucl.ac.uk
		JANET:    mira-request@ukc.ac.uk