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Combinator reduction applications?

I am studying combinator graph reduction techniques for implementing
functional programming languages.  My question is, if very fast 
implementations became available, what applications would they find?

  -- What applications for functional programming languages
  -- What applications for combinator graph reduction in general

If possible, estimate the performance level on a workstation platform
required to make your favorite application run reasonably fast to the
nearest order of magnitude:
  -- 10,000 reduction applications per second (MIRANDA speed)
  -- 100,000 reduction applications per second (SKIM, NORMA, special-purpose
                   hardware type speeds)
  -- 1,000,000 reduction applications per second
  ... etc ...

If I get a reasonable response, I will summarize results.  By the way,
yes I have read about TIM, so any input on closure reducer applications
as well as graph reducer applications is appreciated.


  Phil Koopman                koopman@maxwell.ece.cmu.edu   Arpanet
  5551 Beacon St.
  Pittsburgh, PA  15217    

PhD student at CMU.